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Young girls and the pressure on social networks to be beautiful

Pressure on social networks to be the most beautiful

Ordinary people may have the option of wearing makeup or not but celebrities, especially women have a lot more pressure to be beautiful all the time, otherwise they are criticized with all kinds of negative comments about their weight, clothing, makeup, size and shape of the breasts and type and style of hair, if they do not fill the expectations of their followers.

A social pressure that does not establish with those rules a difference between those who are considered as celebrities who use the social networks with those girls who are trying to make themselves known. Making feel the pressure on social networks to be the most beautiful girl for all.

Pressures are also used by companies and people with the ability and power as creators of the latest fashion trends. The social pressure on social networks to be the most beautiful girl is a goal that very little can reach despite the apparent success that many show in front of their followers.

The use of makeup to diminish, to disguise those imperfections of the skin and to accentuate the positive aspect in our face is something in a modern society that has been seen as necessary.

No one should feel compelled to use it; the women we see in the media should reflect the fact that some women feel comfortable wearing makeup and others do not, but it is not and partly because women are afraid of be themselves.

The makeup hides defects: stains, acne, unequal termination. It accentuates the shape of the eyes, we give new curvature to the cheekbones, the lips and we improve the structural of the face like the eyelashes, eyebrows and the area of ​​the neck.

Because society has adapted to see physical imperfections as unacceptable, a woman without makeup looks differently in the eyes of others than a woman with makeup who has seemingly "perfect" features.

These days, women will apply virtually innumerable products in which they are painted on a new face in depreciation of their own natural beauty. and let's not talk about the countless extensions of hair used by all women regardless of racial type.

Finally, I think my biggest objection to the amount of makeup used by women today (and the cosmetic surgery that goes with it) is that all in their eagerness to look at these figures that dominate social networks all end up trying to look exactly like them, losing the sense of individuality.

The same nose, the same cheekbones, the same lips, the same buttocks What has happened to the individuality of women in these times? What has happened to the feeling of being unique? Simple our natural attributes are seen through eyes of imperfection.

It really is not fair to the woman's self-esteem that people treat her differently by showing her as they really are, no matter whether you are white, mixed race, mulatto or black.

Although many men claim that they prefer women without makeup, the conclusions that they are only attracted to the woman when they wear makeup may be one of the reasons that these contradictions exist, where competition between the women themselves is more close to the ideal beauty is in a lot case is the reason of excessive use and abuse of makeup as a method to achieve this beauty standards inflated.

"Women mostly do not seek the validation of men, they seek the validation of other women to feel accepted."

The real problems are, people have to stop living on the ground social media and also need to learn how to validate themselves. Social media, entertainment, etc., is not real.

It is the people who live in the fantasy world, but as long as people spend more time in it, especially in girls and adolescent girls whose cognitive development is not fully developed, limiting access to these social environments should be a daily task of that form are not caught in this fantasy world where natural beauty is considered as an imperfection.

They must learn how to validate themselves by taking into account who they really are in a society where beauty standards are dominated by a racial group of which the black woman and the dark-skinned mulatto woman do not belong.
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