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Another mass shooting in america: This time, ten people died in high school Santa Fe inTexas.

 mass shootings in america

For some reason politicians are emotionally disconnected when talking about mass shootings that occur with more frequencies in the school of the United States and their lack of action to solve this problem which is taking away the tranquility to the future generation product of the silence of the American political class.

The political class is in a state of paralysis when it comes to affecting the interests of the gun makers, The National Rifle Association NRA and the lobbyists in Congress who oppose any control of firearms. The massive shooting in Texas will not change this reality of politics in Washington.

"In short, US politicians are putting the lives of students and parents' concerns below the commercial interests of those who sell weapons, not wanting to take any kind of legislative action that bothers the producers of weapons in the American nation. .

Politicians are primarily responsible for the high levels of crime in the nation. "Making money for gun makers can not be above the lives of students is something that state legislators must take into account. When we talk about making money, it does not matter who this affects.

As a result of this mass shooting in Santa Fe in Texas we will hear the same arguments as always, the same political responses as always, the same call for unity of the American nation as support for the victims, the same prayers for the victims and their victims. family While many legislators, both Republicans and Democrats, will continue to rely on the same old promises so that they do not talk about the real reasons for this type of criminal act that often occurs in the American nation.

It is a story that we have been told so many times, that this time we want the characters to change, that the president of the nation says something different from what was said before. We will have the same idealized characters with an act of heroism and the same criminal actors who have mental problems, no matter how young they are.

The only ones that will change are the names of the victims and the names of the perpetrators. But there is something that we can all be sure of in a few months later we will see the same mass shooting in another place and we will begin to tell the same story one more time. In this massive shooting there were nine dead students, one teacher and ten injured students at Santa Fe High School which is located 35 miles from the city of Houston in Texas. Dimitrios Pagourtzis, 17, identified as a shooting suspect in Texas.

The time will come when we will be so accustomed to this type of criminal act that many of us will feel sensitive when this happens. Everything changes when it affects us directly. People only do things when they are directly affected. Policies make decisions when they are politically affected by their lack of action. Is it possible for state lawmakers in the State of Texas to put more control on gun ownership? We'll see.

We all want to have the right to have a firearm, even when our children are killed by our stupidity as adults. Gun makers do not hurt when the children of someone they do not know die and all in the name of preserving the second amendment (the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed). Students in schools do not have the right to life in the name of interpreting the constitution as politically convenient.

The saddest thing of all for those parents who send their children to schools to be educated is that many of the states in the American nation that are against any type of firearm control are waiting for a mass shooting to occur in your State to introduce some kind of legislation that the manufacturers of souls agree with. Something that parents who are against regulating the use of firearms is that no one knows, where the next massive shooting will occur in which your children will be the victims.

The tragedies of life will never be part of our life until the day we are part of it. The huge number of mass shootings in the schools of the American nation will only be resolved the day the Americans decide to force the political class to find a solution to this problem that is suspending the lives of students in the American nation. If some politician says "it will never happen again" do not believe them. While acquiring a firearm is so easy, it is to be expected that these massive gunfights continue in America.
Another mass shooting in america: This time, ten people died in high school Santa Fe inTexas. Reviewed by Leonard MG on May 18, 2018 Rating: 5

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