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Capitalism and the illusion of freedom in a conservative democracy

I have always believed that everyone who follows any kind of ideology, the ability to perceive freedom is determined by what is allowed, not by what is really desired. Capitalism, democracy and conservatism are concepts that do not complement each other, on the contrary all fight for control to remain relevant in the collective consciousness of a society which determines the way forward for the general welfare not in the particular ambition of a group in the power that wants to impose a particular ideology for its own benefit.

We all have the ability to say, believe, do and think without the fear of retaliation from those around us, especially by a government. In short, we all have the capacity for personal self-determination. If we all accept that our behavior is socially learned or imitated, we must conclude that freedom is what socially has taught us to identify as such.

In a capitalist system our freedom is subject to the laws of supply and demand. In a democratic system our freedom is subject to what most want. When a conservative or liberal ideology is assumed, freedom is subject to self-imposed restrictions. In each of us there is that feeling of individual freedom which can only be real when we recognize the illusion of its existence outside our mind.

Many writers describe that freedom is similar to those fairy tales that we all aspire, read and tell but that nobody manages to live. When we follow any ideologies created and inspired by others, our freedom to choose cuts our wings in the name of a sense of security that replaces our sense of freedom as a way to appease those in front of us.

We all believe we have the freedom to worship gods. We also believe that we have the freedom to choose our paths. Even though we all know that we only follow the footsteps of those who had before us, we still believe that we are the owners of our destiny. If you are conservative or liberal and your bet on democracy as the reason behind your freedom to choose, your conclusions are tied to a socially conditioned mentality by those who really have control over you.

We are all participants in an illusion of freedom that helps us to have good mental health in an environment in which we have no control. Our ability to choose and be elected is a sense of democratic freedom which we defend as a truth. When we buy or sell, there is freedom in us to have or own something, which impels us to defend a capitalist idealism that only benefits a few.

 There are those who die or live in the name of a philosophical idealism that enslaves as individuals. No matter how much our individual liberties are limited in the name of national stability, we sacrifice our freedom so that others can continue to enjoy the individual security that others provide. We are all responsible for the creation behind the myth known as freedom. Democracy, liberalism, conservatism and capitalism are ideologies used by individuals who wish to take control over others for their own personal benefit.

When you are part of a conservative democracy, the perception of freedom tends to be confused with the right to participate and obey in which free thought does not exist. We have the right only to believe what others believe, we have the right to follow what others follow, we have the right to impose our ideas others without apology, but we also have the right to impose our vision on others no matter how much they are against. In a conservative democracy the wishes of a minority are imposed on the majority no matter how contradictory this is perceived.

Just as conservatism enslaves its proponents, so liberalism enslaves those who propose it as well. When you freely decide to follow an ideology you are tying your freedom with chains. Both ideologies are a type of more political tool used by political leaders who seek control of the majority that follows an ideology in particular. The loss of individual freedom is characteristic of both ideologies, although we must accept that liberalism allows you the right to freely think what you want, but not what you believe. Conservatism is ideologically motivated, liberalism is pragmatically accepted.
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