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First time applying for a job interview

Having our first job interview when we have the opportunity to get it, is the most important thing for us. Beside from being on time for the interview and wearing appropriate clothing, we must keep in mind also all the things to say or to do that can help us during that meeting if we are to succeed.

We must also visualize in our mind a game plan on how to talk to our future employer, where the answers we have and the self-confidence that we show are the most important for the position we are applying .

"Taking into account the needs of the employer is one of the most important thing to achieve our goals when we have that interview. If we want to get the job we want we must meet the needs of the employer." Always think that way when you have a job interview!

When you have your first job's interview, it is always recommended as a way to impress the interviewer to know a little about the type of job you want prior to the interview and how the skills you have can benefit the company in which you are applying.

When the interviewer talks to you, always remember one thing, the interests of the company are more important to the interviewer than what you want and how you feel about the decision. If you are accepted or rejected by the position is not something that matters much to who is interviewing.

During an interview, one of  the most important thing for you is being yourself at the time of the interview. Trying to be natural when talking and feel comfortable in everything you do is a way to be calm in front of the interviewer. Look at the employer as what it is, an employee of the company who is trying to do its job. Never take it personally.

Being yourself is the first step in feeling confident about what you are doing or saying in front of the interviewer. The impression that the interviewer has of you is very important to get the job.

You have to keep in mind  when preparing for the interview if you want to succeed in finding the first job is to understand what are your real possibilities of getting that job. Taking into consideration what the employer is looking for to have a better chance of being hired.

For many years I worked as a machine operator to control the production I  always used two electric saws as a main tool for cutting material, wood, plastic or metal. This type of experience may or may not work when we request a job, where this skill is not needed.

As a machine operator my main task was to cut the material into more customer-specific measurements, depending on the color, style, and quantity desired by the customer. It was also necessary in this position to handle all the equipment and tools needed by this job.

At times, it was necessary to inform the supervisor of any problems, verbal or written, that were occurring at any given time on the machine which in one way would affect production.

In this type of work safety, preventive maintenance and constant supervision in the handling of the machine is something that you must be doing throughout the production.

It is a type of environment with extreme sound, a lot of dust, you must be prepared for that. The environment of any production process where the noise of all machines is heard at all times. Which requires  also knowledge in all kinds of environmental control measures to ensure the safety of employees.

This type of work where everything was subject to a certain time for the order to be completed in the schedule imposed by the company, you must be prepared to work under a lot of pressure all the time. The employee must have experience in handling situations in which he is constantly exposed to the stress produced by the demand for this job,

For anyone who works in this company is mandatory, have experience handling Forklift, packaging machines, order picker forklifts, manual pallet jack, also experience in filling or processing everything related to UPS and Federal express forms. It is mandatory for  the job that you are applying to have your own reliable transportation.

You must also know the rules and regulations in all matters related to the proper functioning of all production systems. Having some knowledge of computers is necessary to have a data history available to the supervisor. Moving Supplies in the Storage & Organization is a knowledge that we must have as well.

Being yourself is your best ability to get a job

You're hired

This type of work requires that employees be reliable, and always available to work overtime every day, but  also work on weekends and holidays. Employees may be called without notice to work outside of their normal working hours or other shift, if the supervisor so considers.

Each employee must be on time for the work that is essential to the good performance of this department, given the connection between this department and the others they depend on. But above all we must follow the rules and regulations imposed by the company for the proper functioning of the facility that contributes to all production goals.

It is a type of work where everything is done at a fast pace. Often in addition to doing this type of work, you also have the responsibility to help in other areas of the factory. Depending on the needs of the company, in the area of ​​manufacturing, loading or unloading materials and packing or assembling products you may be needed. Often the use of a forklift, hand jack in the warehouse or in the distribution center to move goods and merchandise is part of the job as well.

To do this job requires having a level of knowledge and skills, either acquired or learned through good training. Given the danger of using the machines to do the job, it is advisable to use personal protection to do so and avoid any physical injury to the employee. Safety gloves and safety glasses are required to be used all the time.

It was also the responsibility of the machine operator to have the control, care, availability, quality verification and to know the correct specifications of the material used, according to the needs of the customer.

As a machine operator, I was part of my task apart from keeping the work space clean and organized doing some shipping as well. For this type of work the operator must have some knowledge necessary in the maintenance, repair of machines and also work together as a team to make the assembly work more efficient.

This type of production job, besides having to have the typical skills of this job, it also requires many physical efforts in which a good physical and mental condition of the worker is required.

You must work in a stressful environment and work hard all the time. It often requires being able to lift up to 50 pounds and work in confined spaces. In addition, this position requires standing for a long period of time, without taking breaks.

The machine operator has the responsibility to make all the decisions related to this position; Understanding, analysis, correction and search of solution to the problems that the machine has.

The applicant for this position must have a solid communication skills, basic English reading and writing skills, organizational skills and time management. You should also be able to work well with others. The ability and knowledge to operate a packaging machine, and the availability to work on a night time schedule.

The applicant for this position must have excellent communication skills, the ability to follow directions and meet deadlines and work under minimal supervision. Make sure the product is properly packaged and labeled ready for shipping it's part of your job too .

Anyone applying for this job must have a good ability to communicate with the client. This type of work what the customer wants and needs in many cases determines the type, schedule and quantity of product to be produced by the company; therefore, you must also have the ability to have knowledge in customer service.

The positive experiences that the customer has when visiting one of our stores and being welcomed by our employees who should be willing to help in whatever they can is one of the main priorities of this company.

For a long time I have been looking for the same job, always finding the same results in my search, which tells me that it is time to leave behind all the plans that has not worked so far. We only have one option and it is to start again in the search for that job.

When we have a long time without finding a job despite our search, and we begin to feel the frustration of not having a job yet, it is time to change our plan and change the type of work we are looking for.

Let us then try to find a job that is more in line with what we are competing for. Looking for what we want and putting aside what the market demands is silly and more, if we are behind on all our payments.

One way to change a plan is to create a new work history that meets the needs of the employer, not ours, but above all to have a positive attitude every time we talk to the future employer.
Unless we are willing to wait forever for what we want and never achieve, it is time not to look back and change our mindset about what we want for ourselves in the future. If we want to be considered in the next interview, we must adapt the reality of the labor market.

Note: I'm not interested in what you're looking for. It's very interesting what you're telling me about yourself. Everyone will hear interestingly what you have to say if you have money or are famous. If you want to be accepted you must show interest for the others. Technician Jobs

in fact it is not what it seems to be when I look up at the sky. In fact everything I've done so far is to help you. In fact for many people working here is the best thing that has happened to them. In fact, if you do not want to talk to me that tells me that you do not like me.

What are the reasons why I should give you a job? 

my first reason is that I do not have a job. the second reason is who would not like to work in amazon? I finally believe that you can learn a lot by working in this place next to someone from whom you can learn something new.

What can you say about yourself? I consider myself a reliable person.  Always available in everything the company needs from me. But above all I am not afraid to do different things and take on new responsibilities within the work area.

You do not have problems working in a job that demands a lot from the employee? In my case I have had in the past this type of work that demands to work at a fast speed to fill the demand that the position requires. Apart from that I have experience working in this kind of fast environment as a machine operator for 15 years.

Do you need the manager's constant motivation to do your job? I'm not that kind of person. I have my own method of self-motivation. Neither do I expect supervisor to tell me what I have to do all the time, when I know what my tasks are in the position.

Do you have any kind of experience working in a warehouse? I have four years of experience working in shipping and receiving, sorting merchandise, packing or picking items. Also distributing the merchandise between the different departments within the warehouse. But also moving goods from one place to another using Hand Pallet Jack as a method to pull the goods through the warehouse area.

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