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How good or bad is your job?

How good or bad is your job?

What job is more difficult to do, receive goods or ship goods? For me both jobs are the same. Although for me shipping goods is easier than receiving goods, because you have to inspect and count the goods according to what the bill says.

In the past I have shipped goods and I have also received goods. Believe me what I say! When you have to stand in one place for eight hours the pains in the feet are going to tell you every moment how bad or good this job is.

 No matter how good or bad the pay for the work you are doing physical fatigue and constant tension is part of the job. This type of work may be the easiest for you or the hardest you've ever done in your life depending on your attitude toward what you do.

 Do not expect to rest during your work shift. I never expected anything of that. But neither was I aware of the time of departure. Working counting, sorting, scraping, stacking boxes or packages was my only entertainment during my shift.

When your work in the area where the boxes are received you have to be prepared to pull boxes, push boxes, load boxes, pick up boxes, scan labels, sort boxes by letters, numbers and location.

 You also have to fill or reach a certain number of scanned boxes required by the company in your work. Sometimes I did not fill the required amount and they gave me a bad notice for my poor performance at work.

Apart from all that, you also have to check the condition of the goods when it is received by you. you should always put aside the rejected boxes to carefully inspect it later or replace it with others that meet the specifications of the company.

In the past I pushed the boxes no matter how heavy or how big their size was. I also pulled the boxes no matter how big or small they were. After I opened the box to check it, I closed it without breaking the goods.

I also had to inspect it carefully and pack it without any problems. then had to lift it and take it to the production belt, when everything was correct. In my work I grab many boxes, handle them carefully, pick up different sizes, stack it depending on the place, and pack as many as I could.

I downloaded a lot of goods from the container, but also replaced the boxes that had some kind of damage. I received many packages with defects. Which sent it to another section of the store to be replaced. You should also stack the merchandise in the designated place, after being received and inspected is also part of your work. He hopes to walk a lot all the time.

What can you expect from this type of work? always work hard all the time. you must get used to the loud sound of the store. Also it is customary for your body to wash heavy boxes all the time and at the same time move with the speed of the other workers.

You will have to climb stairs, bend, push, pull, grab, carry, work with the hands unloading boxes. In my case I went upstairs, close boxes, fold me to box boxes on the floor and in the sections, put a lot of goods on the pallets, pull the hand jack a lot, push many goods on the belt and pack many boxes all the time if break.

But also inspect, count, download, push, open, and close many packages. if you closed it, if you popped it, packed it, unloaded it, counted it, bent it, crushed it, fixed it on the palette, tied it, inspected it and sent it off, or received it. you sent it, you filled it, so you can say that you worked in a warehouse where the movement of goods that comes in and out is your only boss.
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