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How hard is it to work in a warehouse?

How hard is it to work in a warehouse

This is one of the things that I like most about this job. This is the safest thing I've done so far. It is one of the easiest jobs that is done in my life. It's also one of the hardest jobs I've done since I've been here. This is one of the most difficult situations that I have seen so far.

 This is the most I can say now. You always have to work fast. You can not work slow. You have to go higher or lower according to the location. I do not work faster than anyone. You have to work at the same speed as everyone else.

 This box is heavier than all boxes together. This group of boxes is lighter than that group of boxes. This package is bigger than that. This package is smaller than that box. This box is wider than that box.

 This small package is narrower than that large package. This container is longer than the other container. This container is the shortest I've seen today. The warehouse is warmer today than yesterday.

 This place is colder today than usual. I feel more tired today than yesterday. This is the fastest I can work now. This package is too tight. This box is too loose. This package is too heavy. This is one of the heaviest packages I have loaded today.

 I have to move many boxes now. I have to inspect too much package too. This package is too heavy. This is the heaviest box that is loaded today. This is the lightest package I've lifted so far.

I have to handle too many boxes. This box is damaged. I have to pack all those goods before I leave. the label on this box is damaged. we have to replace this box. How far is this items located? This place is the cleanest I've ever seen so far.

What is the origin of this merchandise? where is this goods headed? This box has wrong goods. The items in these boxes are damaged. The products in this package are the dirtiest I've seen so far. Items inside this box are badly packed.

You can help me with this box. This package is too heavy for me to lift. How fast do you want to move the boxes and place it on the pallets? How heavy should a box be so I do not have to lift it? To know the contents of a box you must use the RF scanner.

I'm not a better worker than you, but you're not a worse worker than I am. We all work hard today. This store is the loudest I've ever worked in my life. This store is one of the quietest I've been working lately. I feel so exhausted now.

This box has too many tags. This box has the wrong label. This box sounds weird. This box smells very bad. This box is lighter than that box. This box is the heaviest that I have loaded since  I've been working here.

Please give me that blade! Please, grab that box for me and put it on the top! You grab the small boxes and I'm going to grab the big boxes. I'm going to handle the heavier boxes, while you handle the lighter boxes.

Large boxes are easier to handle than small boxes. Large packages are more difficult to handle than small packages. UPS boxes are easier to handle than Federal Express packages.

I'm going to push the big boxes over there, while you pull the little boxes over here. Use the hand jack to pull the goods and transfer them to another place. use the forklift to move the boxes to another place.

This is one of the safest places I have worked so far. This place is the safest I have ever been working. When talking about moving goods the forklift is stronger than the hand pallet jack.

The easiest way to know where an items is placed, you have to use the RF scanner. All merchandise must be stored in the assigned place.

It is much easier to work delivering packages than receiving package. All packages received must go to one place, contrary to all packages sent which must go elsewhere.

When packages arrive you have to select each package and send it to the assigned palette for that. apart from that you have to sort it according to the destination so that the goods must be stacked in the assigned place.

If you have ever worked in a warehouse you have to know something: pushing goods is more difficult than pulling. Loading is harder than sorting. Checking boxes is easier than packing.

You should be prepared to open and close many boxes. But also lift, load, pull, grasp, push, count, handle, reject, replace, repack and inspect all items and boxes using the RF scanner to read the information in the Barcode.

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