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Trumpism and the transformation of conservative ideas in America

No one who has studied the political history of the American nation ever imagined seeing conservative ideas transformed by the political rhetoric of an emotionally unstable president, but also politically disconnected from the surrounding reality, who sometimes shows to have a narcissistic personality. The conservative ideology of the Republican party was changed by the cult of personality shown by the followers of the president, republicans who previously considered themselves conservatives.

When we speak of voter participation in American politics, every voter independent of their political ideology, sex, age and religious affiliation has a reason to choose the candidates that fulfill their expectations. Whether as president of the nation or elective offices in the senate, disputed and governors choose is a prigilege that every American citizen has and exercises when the elections come. On that side, President Donald Trump is the president-elect of the United States.

 For some reason the so-called American conservatives forgot the conservative ideas when President Donald Trump came to the political scene with the enormous support within the Republican party. Donald Trump is changing the Republican Party in such a way that no matter what the President says or does, he has the unconditional support of the great majority of Republican congressional leaders within the party.

Behavior that some political analysts consider as a cult to the persnalidad, which can be considered as the origin of the trumpist ideoligy, which is replacing the conservative ideology in the bases and leaders of the party. Right now the Republicans party is the party of Donald Trump. The support to the president of the republic by party that promoted him to power is nothing new, what is new is the unconditional support shown by the followers of the president, even when you make political decisions that are against the interests of your own political base .

Analyzing the behavior of some leaders within the party as senators and disputed Republicans in important positions of power within the congress, we should note that many of them show a fear when criticizing the behavior of the president. Just a tweet by the president is enough for many of these republicans leaders to keep their mouths shut when talking about the president's behavior. Reasons why its approval against the North American which is always around 40% approval with a 56% disapproval in the way he manages his presidency.

When a follower of a political figure such as the people who support Donald Trump who accept their lies as true, rationalize, defend and justify their behavior are the behavioral responses that many of them show when confronted with the bad behavior of their leader. When a follower of the president is confronted by those who look at the president of the republic with different eyes or assure as false what the president said, his support for the president still does not matter what others think or say, which tells you that Trumpism is in control of the Republican party.

No matter how big a lie, discriminatory attitudes against minorities said by the president or his behavior against the press calling "Fake news" still many of them try to justify the lie and accept this discriminatory behavior as normal. Clearly! In the most extreme cases try to describe what he was really saying, but the worst is when many supporters of the president in front of a television assure that the president has never told a lie to the American people, when the videos of the previous day shows otherwise.
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