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Why Democratic candidates will never win elections   just looking for the support of moderate voters?

There is a phrase that says "good people always finish last" which is synonymous to those liberals who are in a Democratic party right now. "Progressive" liberal democrats who by compromising their ideology to appease the fears of moderate candidates and leaders in states controlled by the republicans right now have lost the essence of those who consider themselves to be liberal democrats.

In these midterm elections in November 2018 the success is in the enthusiasm of voters and liberal leaders not in the ambivalent behavior of moderate voters and leaders. Liberals have always made compromises with moderates, but moderates have never made compromises with liberals. It is a political reality that liberals must understand if they want to return to power and promote the liberal ideas that a large majority of Americans want.

"There is no worse enemy than the one who denies who is really as a political entity." By wanting to pretend before the eyes of others who are not really, the Democrats have paid a high price for that.

The Democratic Party is suffering right now from this political identity crisis because it does not really understand US voters with progressive liberal expectations. Leaning into the middle is a political fiction of success that many moderate "ambivalent voters" sell to remain relevant.

A candidate with liberal political ideology and aspirations pretending to be moderate is not synonymous with success if you are part of the democratic party, and more so when the fear is faced with a minority of voters, who have never defined what you really want or in many cases your vote it depends where the wind is going.

Candidates and domocrat leaders who do not defend or promote against the votates as they really think about how the public administration should be managed is the reason behind many of the defeats received by the democratic candidates who do not follow the liberal ideology of the party.

The Democratic Party has always compromised its liberal philosophy in the name of making political commitment to the moderate voters who are part of the party in detriment of the Liberal Democrats. And then they ask about the low enthusiasm of the liberal democrats in the midterm elections.

The democratic party acts as moderate when we all know of its liberal character and that has always been its worst politically speaking error. Lost political identity which has been his error in the political platform in the last elections.

The political leaders who manage the party have given a leading role to the moderate side of the party, even though they all know that they are a minority within the party and when a party is controlled by a minority loses the support of the majority that make up the party .

Liberals within the democratic party up to this point have been playing to win the sympathy of the so-called moderate side of the party and part of the voting population as a way of remaining in the party, which has been the reason for the rights in the last congressional elections , but also presidential.

Many moderate-minded political analysts still insist on pushing the Democratic Party into the moderate population as the only strategy to come to power, when experience has shown that the abandonment of liberal ideals is the reason behind the last defeats.

But many senators and deputies aspire to be part of the chambers of representatives in the congress who are running in states considered as moderate or conservative states, when they talk about their political survival still does not understand that the conservative population in those states " moderates "will never vote for a Democrat.

The reason behind the electoral success of the Democrats is not in the moderate or conservative population is in the Democratic voters with liberal ideologies that enthusiastically go out to vote.

A political lesson that Obama and Hilary Clinton never understood when they forgot the liberal character of most of the Democratic voters. The more democratic leaders move toward the center or moderate, the more they move away from liberal voters.

Something that the leaders of the democratic party must understand is that only the enthusiasm of the liberal voters can take it to power again not the ambivalent participation of the moderate voters inside and outside the party.

If the democratic party wants to return to power, it must accept, defend and promote the liberal ideology as the only way to make this a reality, no matter how much political analysts talk about the importance of moderate voters.
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